Paul Taylor

Paul Taylor

Paul Taylor is unusual in Creationist circles, being neither American (a la Hovind or Kirk Cameron) or Australian (cf. Ken Ham, Ray Comfort), but English. Recently he’s jumped ship from the UK arm of Answers in Genesis to Eric Hovind’s Creation Today.

Paul is seen as a ‘Dinosaurs living with people’ expert and has written at length about how dinosaurs could fit on the ark, as well as having authored several fact free books. He is an apparent employer of the ‘Gish Gallop’ when giving lectures to eager believers. Since leaving old Hambo’s AiG organisation he has, seemingly, relocated to the Pensacola, Florida, the home town of his employer Eric Hovind.

Paul Taylor’s reputation precedes him and he is well know for his misrepresentations of palaeontological discoveries.

In a letter he wrote to the Leicester Mercury newspaper in 2006 he made the claim that “any scientific facts – such as the report in the journal Science (March 2005) of unfossilised soft tissues, including blood vessels and cells, in a Tyrannosaurus rex thigh bone – are causing many to question the ruling evolutionary/millions-of-years paradigm.”. As someone who posits himself as an ‘expert’ on dinosaurs, it is astonishing that he mades these claims when the published paper about the discovery said no such thing. )You can read the paper for yourself here –, and there is a video that touches on the issue here –

In fact, Mary Schweitzer, the scientist who discovered that T.Rex thigh bone, has had this to say of the claims of Creationists like Paul Taylor – “They treat you really bad…They twist your words and they manipulate your data.” (read more on this here –

In the Leicester Mercury letter he also claimed that ‘ Francis Crick, discoverer of DNA, who was so concerned about the lack of evidence for molecules-to-man evolution that he proposed that life was seeded on earth by aliens! ‘ this is another instance of dishonesty, seemingly designed to infer that Crick supported the Young Earth Creationist view.

His claims that man and dinosaurs co-existed are entirely without merit, and directly contradicted by the fossil record. He claims in his book ‘The Great Dinosaur Mystery, and the Bible’ that ‘some new discoveries indicate that man and dinosaurs may have lived together in the not too distant past’ – this, again, is an absolute lie. There has not been a single instance of human and dinosaur remains being found together, and any supposed examples of such (the Paluxy riverbed prints for example) have been shown to be either nothing more than eroded dinosaur prints, or outright fakes. To read more about just how clueless and dishonest Paul Taylor is about dinosaurs, go here – and here –

Not only is Paul’s point of view regarding dinosaurs thoroughly dishonest, it is also unbiblical, requiring the shoehorning of ‘evidence’ into the text where nothing of the sort exists. To claim that dinosaurs and humans lived together is to make a fool out of Christians in the eyes of non-believers, a task Paul Taylor seems fully qualified to handle.

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