Piltdown Superman, AKA Stormbringer, AKA Bob Sorensen

Bob Sorensen

Bob Sorensen (again)

Bob Sorensen (again)

Back around May 2010, Kingston NY, USA resident, Robert Sorensen, re-dedicated his life to Christ (according to his blog). If he’d left it at that everything would have been fine. Instead, Bob started a campaign of spreading Creationist nonsense, insulting non-believers, and generally acting like a hardcore Internet Troll (ironic, considering that’s what he calls everyone who disagrees with him)

A huge fan of radio host, TAG fan, and Calvinist Matt Slick, Bob has repeatedly made claims that atheism causes brain damage, accused all of his critics of ‘logical fallacies’ despite apparently not knowing what they are and, in the summer of 2011, started a new blog dedicated to copy/pasting the ‘best’ of Creationist claptrap. A common theme across all Bob’s blogs is his repeated failure to enable comments, or to heavily moderate any he does allow so as to give the impression that everyone agrees with him.

Regularly to be found attacking the faithless on Twitter, Bob is renowned for his lack of courage when challenged to put his money where his mouth is. Many are the times when he’s told atheists that he’d give them ‘a spanking’ if they were face to face with him, but any attempt to get him to Skype into a live debate is met with a sudden attack of shyness. To be honest you’d be more likely to get a blow job from the Pope than see Bob Sorensen man up and defend his views in a live debate.

Luckily, Bob’s influence is significantly smaller than he realises, with Twitter followers barely scraping three figures, and blogs that are read only by non-believers howling with mirth as Bob repeatedly proves that he wouldn’t know real science if it walked up and discovered his face.




ADDENDUM: Bob Sorensen cried about the image that was at the top of this page, so I replaced it with another image that looks exactly like him. After a successful counter claim of ‘Fair Use’ to WordPress, Bob failed to take legal action within the required 14 days, so the material has been reinstated (with WordPress’s permission)


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4 responses to “Piltdown Superman, AKA Stormbringer, AKA Bob Sorensen”

  1. Cowboy Bob (@PiltdownSupermn) says :

    This image was used without my permission and needs to be removed immediately. -Bob Sorensen

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